I'm Pascal,
Digital Product Designer and UI/UX Design Freelancer

I’m based in Hamburg, Germany and available for remote freelance projects world wide or onsite in Hamburg.

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Available from Oct 1st, 2019


I help startups build simple, intuitive, digital products and websites people love to use.

My Design Process is hands-on, iterative, and transparent. My work ranges from research on users and best practices, to prototyping and crafting beautiful user interfaces, to defining unique visual languages and design systems.

With a user-dev-business driven mindset, I design cutting edge UI solutions that solve user pain points and are easy to build plus increase value and conversion.


Product Design

Putnam & Putnam Flowers New York

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Putnam & Putnam Flowers New York


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Preserve the student in you

Visual styles are often influenced by technological changes. That is why keeping an eye on new technologies & tools, industry news, and visual trends is important.

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Do your research

First understand your clients business model then understand its users. What are the pain points users have and how can you solve them, while pushing company’s business goals.

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Learn from the best

Benchmarking is a must for every product or project as it helps finding best practices and getting inspired. But don´t just copy your heroes. Find your own way and tell your own story!

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Keep it simple

Simplicity is a hard work, but it pays off. Keep it as simple and intuitive as possible and find unique, unexpected solutions for your problems. The best interface is one you don´t notice.

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Don´t trust just yourself

Prototyping and user-testing is important to proof your designs and test them under almost real conditions. Listen to users. Don´t stick to features you like, if they don't get them.

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Be sustainable

Don´t jump on any bandwagon. Stay always a bit timeless. Work with design systems and pattern libraries to guarantee consistency and an easy design handoff to development teams.

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Available from Oct 1st, 2019