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Hello, I'm Pascal:
Freelance UI/UX Designer.

I'm based in Hamburg, Germany and I do remote app and web design projects across the internet.

Available from Oct 20, 2020
I'm not available till mid-Jan '21
I'm currently available

As a freelance UI/UX designer I help startups and digital agencies to design simple, intuitive websites and apps people love to use.

My design process is hands-on, iterative, and transparent. My work ranges from research on best practices, to prototyping and crafting beautiful user interfaces, to defining unique visual languages and design systems.

With a focus on visual design and a user-dev-business driven mindset, I design cutting edge UI solutions that solve user pain points and are easy to build plus increase value and conversion.


JURANDO: Landing Page Redesign

#Web Design
#Landing Page Design
#Brand Refresh
#Design System
View Case Study
Jurando Landing Page

Iridion: SaaS Platform Overhaul

#Product Design
#Design Thinking
View Case Study
Iridion Digital Product Design

Side Project:
Product Design

#Product Design
#Webflow Designer
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Product Design Resources

Putnam & Putnam Flowers New York

#Product Design
#Subscription Service
#Arrangement Tool
View Case Study
Putnam & Putnam Flowers New York

DressLikeMe: AI Fashion Platform

#Product Design
#Machine Learning
#Custom Icons
View Case Study
DressLikeMe: AI Fashion Platform


Up to date illustration

Preserve the student in you

Visual styles are often influenced by technological changes. That's why you should always keep an eye on industry news, new technologies & tools, and study new products.

Research illustration

Do your research

First understand your clients business model then understand its users. What are the pain points users have and how can you solve them, while pushing company’s business goals.

Number one illustration

Learn from the best

Benchmarking is a must for every product or project as it helps finding best practices and getting inspired. But don´t just copy your heroes. Find your own way and tell your own story!

Keep it simple illustration

Keep it simple

Simplicity is a hard work, but it pays off. Keep it as simple and intuitive as possible and find unique, unexpected solutions for your problems. The best interface is one you don´t notice.

Data-Driven illustration

Don´t trust just yourself

Prototyping and user-testing is important to proof your designs and test them under almost real conditions. Listen to people. Don´t stick to features you like, if they don't get them.

Sustainability illustration

Think holistically

Don´t jump on any bandwagon. Design with the brand in mind. Work with design systems and pattern libraries to guarantee consistency and an easy design handoff to development teams.


Imagine your landing page is a person
So, you plan to introduce your new product to the world? And you want to win many loyal customers?
5 min read


Top skills

Product Design
UI Design
Visual Design
Mobile & App Design
Web Design

Side skills

UX Design
Design Strategy
Design Thinking
User Research
Deutsche Bahn
Red Bull
ProSieben Sat.1
Norddeutscher Rundfunk
TUI Cruises
Engel & Völkers

I used to work with the big ones, now I focus on emerging stars, possibly like you.

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Available from Oct 20, 2020
I'm not available till mid-Jan '21
I'm currently available

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