Con Cubo

SaaS Tool Design

The newly founded startup wants to support organizations and teams in the design, control and optimization of their work.

The tool aims to be an intelligent companion in setting up highly efficient organization structures to  tackle overhead and lacks of transparency.

Con Cubo GmbH


Single Product Designer, did it all


Hamburg and Remote


Design an SaaS tool to visualize and manage complex organizations


Designing a product that didn't exist before was quite a challenge and I and the founder didn't know if the concept was design and buildable.


In several iterations, the key functionalities of the product were explored and the behaviors defined while a small development team built the first proof of concept.

Designing with components

Right from the start a design system was set up in Figma to easily apply changes throughout the process and to keep things highly consistent throughout the app.

Spreading the word

With Webflow, a lean landing page was designed and built to get the first beta testers on board and to attract potential investors.


The product received a lot of attention in the German startup scene and got the first funding soon after the beta was released.


Redesigning an AI fashion platform to create new business opportunities.

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Designing the website of a startup that rethinks railways and logistics.

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