Landing Page Redesign

Founded by lawyers, German legal tech startup JURANDO takes action at being the external data privacy officer for companies of all sizes.

The product is a subscription based service to help companies comply with the european data protection act.



Senior UI Designer




Elevate the existing web design to represent JURANDOs aim to become the market leader in Germany


Visualize a so considered boring topic like data privacy in a way that looks interesting and engaging and deal with tons of text and make it appear aesthetik and simple


In various iterations a beautiful design was crafted. The goal was to transport the value proposition of JURANDO: “Data Privacy, simple and digital.” through the design.

Designed with system

Defining all the basic elements in advance helped to design fast and consistent throughout the project. Style changes later on were easy to orchestrate.

Implanting The DNA

The JURANDO-DNA consisting of colors, gradients, shapes, icons, typography and visuals was redefined and implanted into every page to give it that unique touch.
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JURANDO was very happy with the redesign and according to them they saw a huge increase in subscriptions after the relaunch which laid the foundation to become the market leader in Germany.


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